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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 5, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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tell the president to say it! >> i don't know an investigation into the terrorists, but why there wasn't the right security there. >> sean: release the cables today! we have to roll your heart be t. see you tomorrow night. >> greta: tonight. >>, okay, you have heard of the no-spin zone, but right now, the obama campaign is in an all-spin zone. it is excuse after excuse after excuse. the president's supporters are ramping it up, jumping on the excuse band wagon. if you thought al gore's altitude excuse was wild, well, the latest, some insisting that the president didn't get a fair shake because he didn't have a teleprompter. yes, you heard right. a teleprompter for a debate. >> unfair was that for the debate commission to not allow the president to not use a teleprompter? >> i didn't know about that. but it doesn't sound right. >> you think the debate commission should have allowed the fot use a teleprompter? >> yes, i do feel that.
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>> do you think it was fair for the debate commission not to allow him to use the teleprompter? >> that's totally unfair, actually. i mean -- >> why? why not let him use the teleprompter? >> do you think it was fair for the debate commission to not allow the president to use his teleprompter last night? >> i don't know. i don't think it was necessarily unfair. sometimes you can get nervous. so it might be nice to have something. >> it would be nice. >> do you think it was unfair for the debate commission to not allow the president to use the teleprompter? >> i thought it was sketchy for both parties involved. you know, there was a lot of, you know confusion with the prompter guy or whatever. so, you know... i thought it was unprofessional, in that sense. >> reporter: do you think it would have helped president obama if the debate commission would have allowed him to use the teleprompter? >> i didn't know he was unable to use the teleprompter. i think it would have gone
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smoother for him. that's why they have speech writers. >> reporter: do you think he should have been allowed to use it? >> i think they all this should. how do you memorize a 90-minute debate. >> reporter: why do you think the debate commission didn't allow obama to use a teleprompter? >> i don't know why. >> reporter: was that fair? >> i don't think it was fair. i don't think, you know, he got enough opportunity to speak at times. they would keep trying to cut him short. >> i think he was holding back a little bit. >> reporter: holding back? why do you think he used the strategy to hold back and let rom recommend look so good? >> because this is only the first debate and he has to be careful what he says. so... >> reporter: do you think it was fair for the debate commission to not let president obama use a teleprompter? >> no. i mean, you could tell he was struggling. but... what can do you? >> reporter: do you think it was fair for the debate commission to not allow the president to use a teleprompter? >> i didn't know that.
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jewel do you think he should be allowed to use it next time? >> shouldn't they both be able to. >> greta: okay. that was taken yesterday after president obama's rally at the university of wisconsin, mad son. thanks to jeremy segall. what about the debate excuses? former senior adviser to president reagan, pat buchanan, jones us. >> you have some explaining to do. [laughter] >> greta: wow. >> they are unhappy he didn't have his teleprompter. okay. go ahead, greta. >> greta: your thoughts about that? >> well, i mean, good heavens, these are college kids. i think someone should be able to cheat with a teleprompter and read it for the debate? do they not know what a debate is in an unscripted, open debate in american pol particulars? we have them since 1952 with
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jack kennedy and richard nixon. >> greta: i don't think they thought it through, whether or not it would bey questions, 20-minute break, load the teleprompter and come back on and answer it. >> that's unbelievable. this is madison, this is an outstanding school and bright kids there. you know? not good, greta. >> greta: all right. let's go -- okay. let's go to the former vice-president of the united states. he suggested that the reason might be that denver is a mile-high city and the altitude was high and that may have made it difficult because president obama just arrived that afternoon. >> is he aware that the president gave his acceptance speech inent 08 in an open stadium in denver? didn't seem to bother him there. he did a great job in denver. i don't know what the president is thinking. but, you know, really, let me say this. i have never seen tbut almost expected it the next morning. it was all out, a pack of lies, romney had told lies, changed his position, misrepresented
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things. got his facts wrong. it came down to a simple question. if he did that, the president had 4 minutes more than governor romney, i understand y. didn't the president call governor romney out on that? if he said, wait a minute, you said the this here and now you are saying that now. fiunderstand you, you are changing your position here? you can. but you ought to say so. >> greta: i think it would have been better to say, look, i had a lousy night last night. good thing there are two more debates. i'm on the trail now. but lousy night last night. i think that would have been better. but his supporters are going out with the excuses that are silly. i mean, by the way, i should note that we have done a little research and the altitude for the next two debates, boca raton is 16 feet and hempstead, new york, 18 feet. >> almost under water. >> greta: if it rains, it will be under water. it's stunning, some of the excuses. >> it really is. you know, i will say this, you are getting a certain measure of
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honesty, out of -- usually people say, the reagan/mondale thing, you are getting total admission on the part of almost every journalist -- liberal, moderate, conservative, barack obama did a lousy job and mitt romney -- full of spirit, drive and energy. you think you are getting that on all sides and you are getting splaipgzs and excuses for why barack obama did as bad as he d. a lot of them say the president didn't show up. why did he do that bad? he has a 90-de minute debate. you know, i don't understand t. some people say he hasn't had any press conserves, he is not up to that. but he has eye am sure he saw film of gr romney, coming at people in that same way and to be utterly unprepared. >> greta: brit hume tweeted tonight -- he is not here -- but he says, has it occurred to anyone that one reason the president had a rocky debate is
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not that he performed poorly, but he has a weak case. >> he does. he is on the defensive, unlike 2008. but he knows that. he has gone in there, he has to have an answer when governor romney gives us the figures that he has givenu us before. but to come back strong. he didn't do it. he seemed unprepared. in people say he seemed like he's bored. he's weary with the job. he's tired. he was sullen. he didn't feel like he wanted to be there. he doesn't like the debate. all of these thing, i think, played into it. but i think the president has to realize that this is the worst debate performance, just about i have ever seen. >> greta: he's very fortunate in that today, sort of change the narrative, to the jobs numbers. that in fact twent down to 7.8%. people are talking about that. that has moved the discussion a little off his debate performance and more on the discussion of the jobs. >> things do move o. but 7.8% is
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exact rate barack obama inherited. right? he says, i inherited the worst situation since the great depression. every month since he has been in office, unemployment has been higher than the worst situation since the great depression. in other words, we are right back where he started from. and every month has been worse. how do you say you had a successful economy when the whole time of your administration has been worse than george bush's? i mean, 7.8, is that the best month? that's the best month he had. what have we done? tripled the money supply. you have -- he has the stimulus package. you have all of these things and four straight trillion-dollar deficits. we are right back at the starting line on the economy. this is a failed president. there is no doubt about it. >> greta: the polls are out. some polls, right now, we are starting to see in postdebate polls that the impact of governor romney's win. it looks like governor romney is
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closing the gap in several swing states. according to a new rasmussen poll. in ohio, president obama is leading romney by 1 percentage point n. virginia, governor romney leads 49-48%. in florida, governor romney leads by 2 percentage points. 49-47. all three are in the markin of error, but they do show gains by governor romney. it appear hes got a bounce? >> he got somewhat of a bounce. this is like a great wave, greta it's vitally important, i think we are not going to see how far the wave rolls up the beach until the polls are taken postdeigate -- post-debate, especially in ohio, if he's tied then or ahead in ohio, after that, and virginia and florida, it is a brand-new ballgame.
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in ohio, i think that's the critical state and the toughest one for the governor. >> greta: what is interesting about this year, compared to 8 years ago or farther back, the early voting's already started. even if he did well now, he has a chance of getting good numbers off tonight. of course, if he gets clobbered in the next debate, he may not feel the pain, if people change their minds. >> that's what is really crucial. early voting was taking place when barack obama was ahead in most polls, by high single digits. but governor romney's stepped in here wednesday. you are exactly right. since thursday, friday, saturday, i have to think that the early voting going on then is tremendously to governor romney's benefit. you are right. but it -- we will find out on tuesday or something like that and next week. but this suggests one thing governor rom romney has to do, they have to keep their foot on the accelerator. he had a terrific victory.
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but i wouldn't rest at all. looking forward to this thing, next week, next thursday night. that's going to be important. the second debate will be important. i heard someone say, governor romney, really, obama should be favored. he's good at that format, moving around. but how does he attack romney? they will tell him to do it. they are talking about bain capital, that reduce it's. >> greta: i thought he was smart not to do that -- he wants to look presidential. he doesn't want his fingerprints on petty and going after someone. i think it is same is true of governor romney, vis-a-vis president obama. they can flood the market with the super pacs. >> exactly, exactly. if the president goes at the 47% and bain capital and the tax returns, it diminishes the president and it reduces him from the presidential level. and it makes him look petty and it makes hymn him look not like his greatest asset is that people say he's a nice guy who has been doing his best.
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he gets into that mode and he risks his most priceless asset. but brit hume's point. he has a tough, almost impossible record to defend, i mean, in terms of was it a good economy? it's been the worst economy we have had in the lifetime of most american and it is numbers are there. so how does he defend it if romney keeps smiling and going after him? >> greta: he has to communicate to the voters and talk to them. i think that's his strength. >> what does he communicate? he can get the crowdsil. he has to be able -- >> greta: he has a ground game. >> if you elect me, it's going to be far better in the next four years than the last four years and far better than what recommendny is going to give you. that's what he has to convince the country of. [laughter] >> greta: pat, thank you. >> okay. >> greta: now to the surprising job report. the unemployment rate falling to 7.8%. president obama and the democrats are cheering, but the republicans are warning, dont
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celebrate yet. both sides trying to spin the numbers in their favor. >> because of the resilience and the determination of the american people, we have begun to fight our way back. >> there is no evidence of any job creation. you would know it. you would feel it. >> for me, this is about jobs. this is about getting jobs for the american people. >> 7.8 percent -- that's the ob employment rate for september. 114,000 new jobs created in that month. >> that's a good number. >> 7.8%, down from 8.1, imagine they -- going to be making a lot of political hay with that today. >> this morgue, we found out that the unemployment rate has fallen to its lowest level since i took office. >> we will see a major response. we won't see him doing black flips on the campaign trail. he will be very measured about this. >> this news is not an excuse to talk down the economy, to score political points. it's a remight beer that this country has come too far. >> they are painting a rosy
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picture. but beneath the purpose -- >> if the same share of people were participating in the workforce today on the day that the president got elected, our unemployment rate would be 11%. that's the real reality of what is happening. >> a lot of people hear 7.8% and people think, well, maybe things are better. but his point is that we can do a lot better than this. >> it's extraordinarily fishy. i have a gut feeling, it will be revised north of 8% until after we know who is in the white house. >> if obama win, i think this is the new norm. 7.9, 8.3, everybody living on the dole. obama is creating this by killing jobs. that's how he has decided to get the unemployment rate down. they are taking us for fools, insulting our intelligence. >> greta: politicians can spin it. but business owners have to live with it. what do the numbers mean for business owners and workers? nick poletta is the chief
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executive officer of a new media technology company. >> thanks for having me. >> greta: what dong do you make of the numbers? the politicians have been duking it out. >> the most positive part of the jobs report was the tweet by jack welch this morning. he is claiming that the chicago gang had basically -- cooked the books with the job numbers. i don't think that's the case. but i thought it was surprising that jack welch. think before you tweet. >> greta: yes, indeet deed. he is getting a lot of heat for that. >> i think it's a mixed message. the unemployment number is driven by the household survey, which is very volatile. september typically scr is the most volatile month. what i look at is the establishment survey, which is important because that is done with actual business scpoarns they are surveyed on a regular basis in terms of jobs they are creating. and the 114,000 jobs that were created this last month is very
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anemic, barely enough to keep up with population growth. so you couple the anemic job growth and the reset from gdp and revisited it to 1.2% growth last quarter. the fed is printing mon weqe3 and europe is imploding right now. we are looking at at an environment with a total void of leader help in washington. we are still in rough waters right now. >> greta: you know, i suspect as much as we wait around for the numbers every month and pay attention to them. i have a track here, which -- who did well? no change for teens, blacks and hispanics, but adult women special white did better. i pay attention to that. but as much as i micro-examine this, the question is, as the voter looksarn, do i have a job do my friends have a job? does my family have a job? am i about to lose my house? what's the future? there is a difference between
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the number crunchers and the people. >> if the neighbor has lost his job, you are in a recession when you lose your job, you're in a depression. the reality is that people talk to their neighbors and friends and see what is going on in the real world. >> greta: health care. you have 100 employees and you have noticed about your health care. >> we are headquartered in new york with 100 employees and our health care rates are going up 19% next year. so the other shoe has dropped. historically, they have gone up 5 or 6%. this is a blow to us. it is forcing myself and the board, as well as every other board and company in the country to re-evaluate whether or not we will continue to provide health care. the social contract has changed now that the government is involved. some math, our average cost for employee last year was roughly $10,000 and that's going up to roughly $12,000. so the economics are straight
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forward. if we move to everybody off the company plan and moved to the exchanges, we would save $1 million a year, extrapolate that to a thousand employees -- >> greta: but the problem with it is that, even if you would like to keep them publicly owned company, even if you would like to keep them and on and pay that, if you are publicly honed, you have a fiduciary duty not to squander the mon i, that's a problem. >> have you one or two rough quarter, advertising and marking are the first to be cut. now it will be health care, going forward. mckenzie does did a study that estimated that 30% of companies, when asked, were considering moving people backs to the exchanges. so there is 150 million americans that receive health care from their employer. imagine 50 million people dumped on the exchanges. >> greta: let me get this -- let me ask you. 19% next year. that's the total.
10:19 pm
what would you have anticipated and the ordinary increase? >> we have an under/over, 5 to 6%. we were shocked at 19%. but -- believe me, we are not the only folks with this notice. this is going on everywhere in corporate america. health care in general is at best in play, but in most cases, is probably in jeopardy for most people who get their health care from a company. >> greta: nick, thank you. >> thanks. >> greta: are you suspicious? why do you think the media got inside our burned-out consulate in libya, 20 days before the fbi? michael grim is here next. oops... did it again. twice in one week. did you hear what vice-president biden said today? we will tell you. you tell us. are you beginning to think he might be working undercover for governor romney? i am just kidding. if you thought you did know governor sarah palin, think again. there is a new tell-all. two people who have
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>> the show of force yesterday with heavily armed and the media was in there a day -- two or three days later. i don't understand. was the media reckless? >> i think the media is not as big a target as special agents of the fbi. they don't represent the western world in the same way that officials do. so i think they did take a little bit of a chance by being there. there is no question. this is not first incident in libya. there was a dozen insdens if not more prior tow this. but i think that cnn did take some chances. but the fact that the crime scene was not secured is another big question -- >> well, they couldn't get in. the first chance, they get it secured working with the libyan government. that's the first choice. or they go in themselves and
10:26 pm
secure it. by the time they got there yesterday, it was trampled and degraded and everything was wrong with it. >> it wasn't the fbi's job to secure the crime scene after it happened. the state department should have deployed, marine, special forces unit, whoever was in the area from tripply, they should have secured that scene immediately. the first thing you learn about a crime scene is, if you don't secure it, the people will come in and steal evidence. evidence will degrade. have you biological, whether it's fingerprint, blood, whatever you might want -- footage -- what about camera footage that could have been stolen? there is no excuse for not securing that scene. >> abc news has obtained an email, indicating that the state department denied a request from the embassy of libya to retain a dc3 airplane from may. and it was -- and it was copied on the email was ambassador
10:27 pm
chris stevens. frankly, i don't see this as a huge red flag because a dc3 there i don't think in any way would have prevented these four murders. but your thoughts? >> i agree with that, as far as a dc3. but in light of all the other facts that are coming to light now, you had multiple attacks, even the british closed their consulate. you had the red cross, the international red cross was there. they had an rpg, you know, hit at their facility. so there were multiple, multiple attacks, i think more than 12 or 13, that definitely said they needed security. they requested security more than one time. so i don't know how leading up to 9/11, our administration -- our state department didn't take the appropriated steps to make sure that american citizens abroad were secure. that's the number-1 job of the federal government, to keep the citizens secure, whether here in the continental united states or
10:28 pm
overseas. >> ambassador rice has written a letter that says network part, this is a response to u.s. senators who want to know why she went on tv right afterwards and said it was the video. she said i relied solely and squarely on the intelligence community, which represented the best assessment as of the date of my appearances. if that's not an indictment of our intelligence, i don't know what is. that should be terrifying. >> you do not have to be in the intelligence community to know that is not a spontaneous uprising. they brought rpgs -- >> what was the point of going on the television show, giving, you know, that story? >> well, that's actually -- that's the ultimate question. i think it was a big mistake by the administration. i think they were trying to make this look like it was not as serious as it actually was. this administration in the past has been very hesitant to say
10:29 pm
terrorism, let alone to admit to a terror attack on our consulate. so i think there was this was a very, very poorly played boondoggle on behalf of our administration. you know, now we are seeing, based on all the evidence coming out and the intelligence reports that they knew beforehand that there was going to be danger. they didn't take the appropriate steps -- and a terrorist attack happens, they were hoping it wasn't what it was. but it certainly was a terrorist attack. >> congressman, thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> next, the debate only lasted 90 minutes, but the excuses are going on forever. how did the supporters give a new one with a face straight? meet the real governor sarah palin. her father and brother have written a tell-all. you don't want to miss this. you can mix and match all day! [ male announcer ] red lobster's endless shrimp is back... but only foa limited time! try as much as you like, any way you like! like parmesan crusted simp just $14.99.
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i'm ryaisabell and i sea fd differently.
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>> greta: excuse, excuses, supporters of president obama saying the debate wasn't fair. they wouldn't let him use a
10:33 pm
teleprompt ear at least, that was some people. byron york, leslie clark and, first, byron, what do you think about -- the teleprompter being unfair? >> well, i think these professional terms, i think these are called low-information voters. they obviously didn't know how -- how a debate is supposed to work. but i think it pointed to a serious issue with the debate, which is that president obama just didn't seem as well prepared paz -- as mitt romney did. and of course, there have been a million teleprompter jokes about him during his presidency. we have seen him at evens where you thought he would be speaking off the cuff and he had teleprompter screens. and he has not taken the tough, challenging questions that he -- from the press or anybody else that he faced from romney. so even though, it's a joke-y video, it points to a serious issue. >> greta: leslie, i felt that some of his supporters, they
10:34 pm
almost threw him under the bus with the silly excuses. it's like, there would have been moreesquive ways to say, look, he has had a lousy night. >> a lot of people they talked to in the video acknowledged that he had not had the best of nights and they on their way to see him in a rally in which he referred and maybe thought of some of the things he should have said the night before, that day. >> clearly, i mean, i am not going to follow bat buchanan's lead and -- >> greta: take a shot at me and my yrt. it's friday. go ahead. >> governor romney uses a teleprompter regularly. it's been wrapped around the president as indicative of his inability to sell the last four years. you know, again, i think byron hit the nail on the head. people are grasping at straws to excuse what was -- by all measure, a very mediocre night for the president. >> greta: the narrative, does it change from the performance at debate to the jobs numbers?
10:35 pm
is that trumped everything, so now, at least, he is off the hook? or not. >> i think that's what the obama campaign would be hoping that the focus turns to a better than expected jobs number for them. but there is obviously two debates still to come. and there is going to be a lot of pressure on the vice-president, as well, in next week's debate to sort of turn the focus back to the fact that they are able to defend their record and it togo after romney on has plans. >> greta: i thought it was great to have that number this morning. >> that unemployment number or the unemployment figure is the single most important number in the cam pape. you can talk about -- you know, u6 or the people who are discouraged job seekers or people with part-time jobs, what if you figure which was 8.1 and is now 7.8%, that's a huge bit of luck for the president. >> greta: vigotten emails from detrackor who is say we are back
10:36 pm
to where we started with them and there has been no progress. because that's where we were in january '09. it's a good number. but that's what he is hit up with. >> that's what americans have to decide. theyville to decide, was it such an enormous calamity that the president inherited that getting us back to where we were is a success and shows signs of recovery? or is it not enough? governor romney has charged it's a molasses recovery that has barely been a recovery at all. getting us back to where we were, to the white house is in a lot of way, an enormous victory, considering where we were. republicans will be the first to actual, it is not enough. >> romney has said every time he opens his mouth, 43 months of unemployment above 8% is too much. he can't say that anymore. >> theyville to remake ads and change the numbers. you can't have that. it's a big psychological boost, being able to say that it's under 8%, saying it's 7.8% on the heels of a pretty decent
10:37 pm
rise in consumer confidence. >> the romney people would say -- what? is 8% the new standard? they will be making that argument. >> greta: stand by, panel. president obama and vice-president biden want to impose a trillion-dollar tax hike. vice-president biden says, yes, we do. why would he say ha? see. not just another political ad, have you never seen one like this. comedian steve martin star, but who is he does your phone give you all day battery life ? droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. droid does. keep left at the fork. does it do turn-by-turn navigation ? droid does. with verizon, america's largest 4g lte network, and motorola, droid does. get $100 off select motorola 4g lte smartphones like the droid razr.
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>> greta: get out the popcorn, steve martin is in a new political ad. so who does it endorse? take a look. >> hi. i'm steve martin. you probably know me as an actor/comedian. but i'm also a home craft expert. today, i'm going to show you how to make a wad of paper. let's get started. take your blank piece of paper and make a fold. take one of your paper clips and just clip it like so. cut off an end like this. stick out your thumb and put this on there, like this. now you are almost done. use your last little like this and voila, you have a beautiful wad of paper. >> greta: what do you think? funny, weird, or something else? tell us what you think. we are back in 90 seconds.
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>> live from america's news headquarters, i'm marianne rafferty, the fbi says friendly fire is likely to blame in the shooting of a u.s. border agent in which another agent was
10:42 pm
injured. the agents may have accidentally shot at each other, while chasing drug runners, but the fbi emphasizes that the investigation is ongoing. a meningitis outbreak links to steroid shots is growing. five people have died. the shot used for back pain was made bia massachusetts company. more than 17,000 single-dose vials of covered in the recall. but it is not clear how many of them have been used. once infected, it can take a mob for -- a month for symptoms to appear. now back to record roar. for your latest headlines, go to, giving you the power to prosper. >> greta: they are mopping blood from the floor, each the first lady probably agrees president obama got pummeled in the first debate. now, what he didn't need, his vice-president runningmate biden said this. >> you know, the phrase they
10:43 pm
always use... obama and biden want to raise taxes by a trillion dollars. guess what? yes, we do. and one regard... we want to let that trillion-dollar tax cut expire so the middle class doesn't have to bear the burden of aural of that money going to the super wealthy. that's not a tax rate -- that's called fairness, where i come from. >> greta: well, we are back with our political panel. sam, this will be edited as a yes we do, they will cut off the end on that one. >> you know, i imagine -- i would give anything to hear the conferrings after this happens between the vice-president and the president. i imagine it's a lot like with my ex-girlfriend, after a while, they are tired of hearing i'm sorry. it doesn't cut it anymore. look, it's going to be -- it is going to come up. the middle class is getting buried -- >> greta: see, i think that's the worst one, the buried one, don't you? >> mitt romney very subtly used
10:44 pm
the buried one. it was just perfect. he was talking about how bad the economy and was the middle class has taken it particularly heard hard, they have been burr buried. president obama gave a nod, he knew what had happened. it was a subtle use. >> greta: how important do you think the vice-presidential debate is? >> i continuing it will be important for the week, in that is -- it is the only show in town. there is no other presidential debate. so for the next week, it will be vitally important, it's the only show in town. people will be watching it. in the end, i don't think it's going to play much. i don't think there is a history of presidential debates, let alone, vice-presidential debates. >> greta: paying attention to the heart beat. >> i tend to agree but i do think have you early voting and people are voting every day. so whether or not, you know, it's all about the momentum at this point. moment's changing on a daily basis from, debate to jobs numbers. this is the next big thing. if you are losing the next big
10:45 pm
thing, you are losing that day, that week. >> republicans think that paul ryan will just clean joe biden's clock. they think there is no contest here -- >> greta: i wouldn't think that. boy, i wouldn't think that. >> it's a problem to underestimate joe biden. he is a gaffe a minute sometimes. but he does have a way of connecting with mitts class and lower-middle class, working family, voters. he has a way to make an emotional connection with them and the republicans should watch out. >> greta: have you spent a lot of time in ohio. the numbers are closing in ohio. >> they look better after the debate. but we haven't had enough days for the tracking polls to show the full effect of the debate. but sam's right, the debates are taking over for the schedule now. we have the next one on the 11th, vice-presidential and then -- we are talking about that until the 16th and the next one is the 62nd. so the debates are the story the next 10, 15 days. >> 30 seconds left.
10:46 pm
from reuters, bad news from obam a1 in 5 said it made them feel more negative about him after the debate. >> that's how they will feel until he gives them a reason not to t. wasn't over when people were freaking out on governor romney's side and it is not going to be over now. it's a tight race. >> greta: good news for the governor, one-third feel more favorable about rom me. i am taking the last word. thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: who is the real governor sarah palin? you are about to find out. that is next. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 let's talk about that 401(k) you picked up back in the '80s. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 like a lot of things, the market has changed, tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 and your plans probably have too. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 at charles schwab, we'll give you personalized recommendations tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 on how to reinvest that old 401(k). tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 so talk to chuck tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 and bring your old 401(k) tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 into the 21st century. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 rollover your old 401(k) tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 to a schwab ira tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 and you can receive up to $600. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 see tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 for terms and conditions.
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>> greta: you have seen her on the national stage, but now, an inside look at the real governor sarah palin. the 2008 vice-presidential candidate's father and brother have written a new book, called "our sarah: made in classic." we spoke to both. gentlemen, nice to see you both. >> good to see you, greta. >> good continue here. >> greta: all right. i am going to have to call you chuck jr. and chuck sr. you have a brand-new book out that you wrote jointly. chuck sr., why did you write the book? >> well... we have been talking about it for a long time. we wanted to dispel a lot of myths that the press has written about sarah.
10:51 pm
this tells her true life story, her ideals and truths and all stuff about her. >> greta: chuck jr., i imagine it's very hard, i talk it a lot of candidates and family. i imagine it's hard to sort of sit back and all these years, listen to what the media says about your sister, as it is every candidate's family. but for your family, in particular, would you agree with that? >> yeah. i totally agree with it. it's been real tough over the years. and that's part of the reason we did this book. it was our way of kind of setting the record straight. we have family and friends that have never talk total media before. we think we put together something really nice. >> greta: chuck jr., let me ask you, you know, what do you think the media -- how has the media portrayed your sister? what do you think is the fair portrayal? big picture? >> well, they have taken... they have taken sarah and basically turned her into a
10:52 pm
caricature -- a lot of the media. not everyone. the real picture is one of the hardest-working -- not one of the hardest-working, the hardest-working person i have ever met. todd's right up there with her, too. she is raising five children. you know, working 18, 20 hours a day, as you know. but she's out there, running 6 miles every day, or however many miles she is doing. he is doing so many things in a day, she doesn't get credit for. >> greta: chuck sr., it is end of the book, at the tale end tstarts to taug about your family and everything, but the tale end, you talk about how when she was governor, how she was getting bipartisan support and getting democrats to support her, she seemed -- seemed to have a very workable, political career. she gets on the national stage and it becomes highly partisan.
10:53 pm
is that a fair description of it? >> exactly. he had a 98% -- 89% approval rating before she got on the national scene. after she got on the national scene, came home. she was torn apart by the in thees and in alaska. >> greta: why do you think it happened that way? what's different about the national scene, chuck sr.? >> she was in the limelight. there was a lot of jealousy... a lot of envy. i think, she was a devout christian, she was ostracized for that. she was ostracized for so many different things that she stood up for and she still stanes up for those things, too. >> greta: what -- chuck jr., i know it's tough on you and it's tough on your father and your mother, what about on her children? there lives have been transformed as a result of this? >> those poor kids have had to grow up in this.
10:54 pm
they developed some pretty tough skip, as you see with bristol's success and willow's off to school. track is representing our country in afghanistan. piper is the spark plug of the family and little trigger's the light of everybody's life. through all of these experiences that the kids are, you know, they are shining. they are really doing well. >> greta: i can tell from reading the book and from knowing her, she makes decisions by herself. i don't think anyone tells her what to do. but i am curious, do you have any thoughts? will she go back to polling -- politics at all. >> sean. >> that's the main question asked -- what's her game plan? we truthfully don't know. but she will be back. she will be back in some category. we don't know what. we have seen this all her life and the second, third grade on, she rises to the occasion.
10:55 pm
>> greta: did she vet your book at all? she wrote the forward. but did she vet it at all? >> no, he said, have at it. she trusted us. she said, it's your words, your become, go for it? >> greta: it's a fun book. i know from having met your family and met families a lot in 20 years, how the media sometimes portrays families and things is vastly different from what it is from the inside. and so i hope people read this book. thank you bog for joining me. >> our pleasure. >> greta: we have much more with governor palin's father and brother. if you want to see the complete interview, go to the hits keep coming over the debate. who else wants to forget wednesday night? wednesday night? find out > well, if it isn't mr. margin.
10:56 pm
mr. margin? don't be modest, bob. you found a better way to pack a bowling ball. that was ups. and who called ups? you did, bob. i just asked a question. it takes a long time to pack a bowling ball. the last guy pitched more ball packers. but you... you consulted ups. you fod a better way. that's logistics. that's margin. find out what else ups knows. i'll do that. you're on a roll. that's funny. i wasn't being funny, bob. i know.
10:57 pm
when we got married. i had three kids. and she became the full time mother of three. it was soccer, and ballet, and cheerleading, and baseball.
10:58 pm
th so, as we go into this next phase, you know, a big part of it for us is that there isn't anything on the schedule.
10:59 pm
>> greta: 11:00 is almost here. it's time for last call. president obam is not the only one who may be wishing the debate was just a bad dream. here is jimmy falon. >> i heard a lot of people played drinking games and they took a shot when someone said a certain word. the word for obama was jobs. the word for romney was medicare, and the roared for jim lehrer was -- [mum


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